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Aside from one of my all-time heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, I don’t think I have ever read political commentary that’s as incisive and contumelious as that delivered up by the one and only Matt Taibbi. This guy put the “down” in take-down. There are chuckles and laughs to be had in virtually every brutal, freakin’ paragraph…

On Christmas, Republicans Quietly Declare War on Themselves
By Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone Magazine Blog
POSTED: December 30, 11:45 AM ET

The holidays are a great time in politics. Every year it's the same… …you can always retreat to the inside pages of the news section and find some embarrassing/despicable PR fiasco that some politician somewhere has just tried to sneak past vacationing America.

This year was no different. In a fitting homage to past holiday-season embarrassments like the Iran-Contra pardons or Bill Clinton's signing of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, the Republican Party last week quietly declared war on itself, in the process essentially confessing to a generation of failed governance and dumbed-down politics.  

The news came in the Wall Street Journal, where the Chamber of Commerce disclosed that it will be teaming up with Republican establishment leaders to spend $50 million in an effort to stem the tide of “fools” who have overwhelmed Republican ballots in recent seasons. Check out the language Chamber strategist Scott Reed used in announcing the new campaign:

Our No. 1 focus is to make sure, when it comes to the Senate, that we have no loser candidates… That will be our mantra: No fools on our ticket.

…If you spend years letting your voters think Saddam Hussein was an agent of al-Qaeda, that passing a national health care program will result in the formation of Stalinist "death panels," or that Barack Obama is secretly a foreigner, you’re going to end up with some loopy candidates prone to saying crazy things that will turn off voting majorities, which in turn will make it hard to the deliver policy objectives you actually care about for your big-money donors.

The Republican establishment is only just figuring this out…

…You’re going to make George "Is our children learning?" Bush the face of your party for eight years and then turn around and call your voters stupid? Jesus. No wonder they decided to make the move during Christmas.

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From the link in the last paragraph of Taibbi’s blockquote, immediately above…

Is our children learning?"

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